The Daily Photograph.

9 10 2008

Earthquake. She’s now, what, about three months old? It’s been fascinating watching her body develop from shapeless ball of fluff to a streamlined pouncing machine. Her face has become more feline, less rounded. She hasn’t lost her cheeky grin though.


The Daily Photograph.

8 10 2008

Bootsie. Sarcasm is her thing.

The Daily Photograph.

1 10 2008

Of course they’re not daily photographs. Hush now.

Here’s Bootsie…

One Way!

24 06 2008

Those crazy Buddhists! They know!

One Way

Ginkakuji gardens, Kyoto, May 2008.

The Daily Photograph.

1 02 2008
Evening on the torii-lined approach to Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, Fukuoka Province, Japan.

The Daily Photograph.

26 01 2008

More from the big cat sanctuary.

Leopard stretching

The Daily Photograph.

24 01 2008

As I missed posting yesterday’s photograph (bad me), here are two in one day.

First, another shot of the Berlin Wall.

Berlin Wall

Next, seagulls on ice.