So, my name’s Trudi Topham, and this is my website. Yes, I’ve gone through websites like Zas Zsa Gabor has husbands, but I promise that I’ll nurture this one and help it grow.


Stop laughing.

Who am I and what do I do? Well, I’m a writer from the UK. You know, a person who gets paid to write words. I know the internet is filled with “writers”, so I thought it a fair distinction to make. Don’t get upset by that, though. I’m prostituting my brain and fingers for cold, hard cash, and I don’t get to sit around at home all day hammering out great novels. Boo, hiss!

I’m the editor of Pantechnicon, which I co-created back in 2006 with Andy Frankham, who has since gone on sabbatical. I also co-edit Hub Magazine with Lee Harris and Alasdair Stuart. You can find links to both over there on the right.

Like most writers, I’m working on a novel. Actually I’m working on two novels, a screenplay, a few short stories, and a roleplaying game. I have no spare time.

To show my complete and utter dedication to this bloggy thing, here are some random questions I found on the internet that I chose to answer:

Favourite type of food?

Well call me a traditionalist but I’m keen on edible food. The mouldy stuff just doesn’t do it for me, and things with poisons in them just bring me out in death.

Do you want children?


Favourite holiday?

I don’t do well with tours. I like to have a flight booked, a hotel at the ready, and a guide book in my bag. Sometimes I’ll go so far as to have an idea of particular shops that I want to go to, but that’s only if I’m going to an area where things are unavailable elsewhere – Japan’s a good example of this.

The trouble with a tour is if you don’t get along with anyone on it, be it the guide or another holidaymaker, that’s your whole holiday down the spout. So I much prefer going with my fiancee and finding our own fun.

Favourite Season?

Winter. Well, Winter in countries that still bother having snow.


Just my ears, and I intend to keep it that way.

Favourite film?

No. I’m not getting into this one. There are thousands of great films, hundreds of which I love. How can I possibly narrow every film ever made down to one single “greatest”? Nonsense.

Here, some randomly selected films that I happen to like: 300, Batman Begins, R-Point, Grosse Pointe Blank, Serenity, The Curse of the Golden Flower, Hard Boiled, Kikujiro, My Neighbour Totoro, Meet Joe Black, Terminator 2, Hot Fuzz, Love Actually. Don’t cry that your favourite film isn’t in this list, because most of mine aren’t either.

Favourite drink?

Water. It quenches thirst, doesn’t leave a nasty after-taste, isn’t full of carcinogens, and does good things for your body.

Have you ever loved someone?

Yes. And I still do, and I know that I always will.

Have you ever fired a gun?

No. I’ve fired airsoft guns, but I don’t think it would be wise to ever get my hands on a real one.

Do you like to travel by plane?

Yes, particularly if I can sit at the back. When the tail drops to just above ground-level on takeoff, that’s the best thing EVER!

On the down side, I don’t sleep well on aircraft because I’m cheap and don’t pay for decent seats yet am six feet tall. Thus while I like travelling by plane, eight- to twelve-hour flights can be draining.

Right-handed or left-handed?

Mostly right. I do some things left-handed, such as eat, and I used to play tennis left-handed, but I am by no means fully ambidextrous.

If you could go to any place right now where would you go?

My car. I fancy a nice drive, possibly up to Scotland. Alas those damnable speed cameras may hamper my fun.

Do you still watch cartoons on Saturday mornings?

If I wake up early enough and can be bothered with the terrible presenters they like to wrap around the good cartoons.

Three things you can’t live without?

My fella.



Favourite songs?

This is a little easier than favourite films, but we’re still never going to get a comprehensive list: Integral – Pet Shop Boys; Major Earth, Minor Sky – A-ha; Who’s Gone – Yello; Desert Rose – Sting; Forever may not be long enough – Live; Karma Slave – Splashdown; Like Lovers (Holding On) – Texas; Friday – Daniel Bedingfield; Sunrise – The Divine Comedy.

What is your dad’s middle name?

My dad’s middle name was Septimus. He was the seventh son of a seventh son, so his parents deemed it appropriate. Any Warlocky tendencies were hidden from me, other than his horn-like eyebrows. Very suspicious.

First thing you’ll save in a fire?

My own arse!

What is your favourite colour?


What did you want to be when you were a kid?

A writer. Considering it was such an early goal, it took me quite a long time to get here.

What do you usually do when the alarm turns on?

Pretend that it didn’t.

What colour is your bedsheet?

It changes, because now and then the bedclothes go in the wash and are replaced with other ones. I wonder if whoever wrote this quizlet washes their sheets. Or perhaps they have three sets of identical bedding.

One set is red, one is purple, and one is brown.

What do you think about before you go to bed?

An awful lot of things. Sleepy-time is when my brain wakes up. Naturally this makes for bad sleeping. Invariably, however, I end up thinking about my fiancée and smiling myself to sleep.

Sappy cow.


11 responses

6 02 2008

You forgot to mention your affinity for/with/of Cyber City Oedo 808

On a totally unrelated note, at least Hard Boiled got mentioned.

13 03 2008

Hi! I really enjoyed reading about you. You seem quite interesting. 🙂 ‘Wanted to thank you for visiting my site and commenting.

Here’s a question . . . did you go to college and what was your major? (If it’s in your “about” section and I missed it, I apologize.)

14 03 2008
Trudi Topham

I’m English. We don’t major at college. College is a place you go to get A-Levels. University is where you go to get further qualifications.

Peculiarly I did an HND in Computer Science at University.

13 05 2008

Who came up with those stupid questions?

7 06 2008
Trudi Topham

I dunno. I found ’em randomly on the great magical interwebs 🙂

13 11 2009

Hmmm…The English lexicon is quite…refreshing. And “Meet Joe Black” is a wonderful film. Especially that line about ‘the prose of a party’. Further, since I don’t get paid, I guess then I’ll say, I “fancy myself a writer” from now on. 😉 That one put a smile on my face. It was nice having run across your blog. Chance meetings are always better than those you make manifest I’d have to say. Here’s a question for you: Does your speech have a more literary bent as well? Mine does. Just wondering if this ‘affliction’ is common among writers and their would-be counterparts or if was only me.

16 11 2009
Trudi Topham

My speech varies. I’m either swearing like an engineer (having been one for over a decade), or speaking like a BBC Newsreader. There is no middle ground.

13 11 2009

And since you’ve had so asian movies listed, let me suggest one. Watch “Last Life in The Universe” if you get the chance. It’s a thai film and, in my opinion, the best the Far Eastern has to offer.

14 11 2009

Since I noticed my comments did not post immediately, let me relay a more private message to you: I wonder what your scriptwork looks like, with your seemingly dry reposte-like wit and your well rounded film selections. To drama, it feels more appealing to my ears, I have to say. Perhaps something akin to “The Prophecy”, with that certain Walken-esque vibe. If I’m wrong, then perhaps that might be an avenue for a later date. Ganbarimasho.

16 11 2009
Trudi Topham


19 11 2009

The movie or my expression ですか?

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