More twing-twang

16 07 2008

We have Kai from Heavenly Sword to thank for the twing-twang.

I’ve been given a considerable amount of anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants and painkillers, but my back’s still not with me just yet.




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16 07 2008

You need to visit an osteopath. All the painkillers and anti-inflammatories do is mask or reduce the symptoms, they don’t tackle the cause of the problem. Something may need pushed back into place.

17 07 2008

What’s this pretty girl got do do with your back? I though it was all Chris’ fault for suggesting involving both a trampoline and olive oil in certain activities… no?

18 07 2008
Trudi Topham

Yeah. I’ve had to go to the osteo the past two times it got this bad, but this actually seems to be sorting itself out at last. Plus I get Mr. Troo to dig his elbow into all the knotted muscle, which forces the bastard stuff to unwind.

I’ll have to keep a close eye on how I walk, though. If I start rolling my hips (as tends to happen when my back does this) it’ll deffo have to be the osteopath again. Which I loathe, as he’s £25 a session…

25 07 2008
George Berger

Troo, do be careful with the back problem. My ex neglected hers for years and the result was a disaster. Good and CONSTANT medical attention is necessary to spot the exact cause and to keep the developmental course (if any) of the problem in view. That’s the ONLY way to determine the need and timing of interventions. All the best from an experienced, helpless, onlooker at my ex’s case. G.

27 07 2008

I’ve pulled a muscle in my back twice in my whole life (which is rare apparently for tall people, so my GP tells me) and every time someone helpfully tells me that ‘backs never forget’ or that ‘do it once and you’re done for life’. Allow me to be that person for you. Hope you get better soon.

7 08 2008
Captain Mac

I have recently twanged my back – of all things, dog carting in Norway – so I feel your pain, and increasingly my own.

Anyway, just posted something, thought you might like it.

22 09 2008
Craig Herbertson

cranio sacrum therapy is good too. They do something called ‘unwinding’ which basically unwinds you.

Best of luck with it though. backs are a bastard

22 09 2008
Mr Twister

Was randomly perusing the tin-ter-web, and who should i find.. Hi Troodler!.. loooong time no see… sorry to hear about your back, hope the pain subsides fast.. Its not the twings and twangs you should worry about.. more the snaps and the pops (no crackle!).. Anyway hope all is well (bar the obvious, to which get well soon!) and i may peruse this way again in the future.. TTFN.. C.

30 09 2008
Trudi Topham

Good grief, it’s Mista Twista! 😀

Don’t look this way, mate. It’s all kittens from here 😉

30 09 2008
Mr Twister

Kitten(s) eh?!?… so i see from the Pic!.. very cute!… How many ninja kitties do you have now??.. (i was going to say own… but you never own cats.. they own you!).. for the record Polly (druggy cat – she`s on Diazepam!) and Timmy (cant help thinking southpark when i mention that name!) are still live and kicking, though are quite long in the tooth these days…

1 10 2008
Trudi Topham

Aww, bless them!

I have a sleek six-year-old psycho and a sleek two month old who was sweet and lovely but is now learning from the master in how to be a psychotic nutcase.

She really needs a better role-model…

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