Stiff published in TTMC.

28 06 2008

Issue One of The Thinking Man’s Crumpet is now available from all good retailers (well, directly from the publisher, anyway), including my heartwarming tale of demonic cults, taxi drivers, and apocalypse.

Visit to bag your own copy. If you’re without MySpace, drop me an email and I’ll pass you the contact details.

Responses so far for Stiff include:

A story which opens with the protagonist being assaulted by an inflatable Shagging Sandie sex doll would leave some writers wondering how to follow that. You needn’t worry when Troo Topham’s on the case, in Stiff.

– Rog Pile.

Trudi Topham – Stiff: A sinister black magic cult bent on destroying the world. Their leader, Lloyd, sics an animated blow up dolly on our narrator, Dave the taxi driver, a crusader against evil who’s had that Madonna in the back of his cab and has saved the earth at least three times. But can he best the sadistic Shagging Sandie doll? Let’s hope not! Something tells me Michel Parry would love this one.

– Dem, Vault of Horror.

So there you have it! Buy it now!




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