I had a lovely email from Colin Baker today.

20 06 2008

Yes, this Colin Baker:

There was some kerfuffle a couple of weeks ago regarding a podcast which shall remain nameless spreading bogus claims that “THE Colin Baker” was endorsing their shoddy product. You can find a potted history of the furore here.

Well, it was only polite to let Mr. Baker know that his name was being used in vain, and here is his response (name of offending podcast is blotted out to protect your brains):

Dear Trudi
My agent forwarded to me your email in connection with the nasty little ‘**************’ website
First of all thank you for alerting me to it.
I don’t want to contact them directly to tell them to stop it because, frankly I don’t know how to do so without giving them my contact details and as I have already been taken for a mug by them once (when I recorded the message about the “Twin Dilemma” for a fan at a Convention having been told it was for a couple of Dr Who fans who were twins!) –  I don’t want to give them more fodder.
The sad things is that from now on I will have to refuse to record things for fans in case they are dregs like these two.
Anyway I am not sure whether you have the opportunity to convey to the world at large that I have never been asked by these two idiots to approve their website and I would never have any connection with something so unpleasant, vulgar and offensive.
I have put a statement on my website http://www.freewebs.com/colinbaker/latestnews.htm making it clear that I have nothing to do with it and will ask the Drwhoonline guys to do the same.
Please feel free to do so on your website if you would like to.
Again thank you for your consideration in informing me.  Otherwise I may never have known about them.
Best wishes

Colin Baker

What’s unfortunate is that thanks to the constant lying of the podcasters involved, Mr. Baker feels that he can no longer record such messages when actual fans ask it of him, just in case this happens again.
On a more positive note, however, hard work is being undertaken to elvate Mr. Baker to Hoff-like status, so perhaps some good will come of this after all…



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26 09 2009
julian bane

for doctor who fans..hope you enjoy!!!

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