Humdrumming Gets Œstrogen Injection

15 06 2008

Yes, here’s that news I was telling you about earlier in the week (oh, all right, last Monday). As lifted from Humdrumming’s website:

We are pleased to announce the addition of a bouncing girl to the family! No longer will the hallowed halls of Humdrumming be exclusively the domain of dead-butch, testosterone-oozing manly men! No no! Now we’ve got a bit of skirt around here, and not because it’s one of our ‘theme nights’ either!

Trudi Topham is the self-proclaimed ’shipping monkey’ for Humdrumming, with practical tasks such as insertion of books into boxes of the mailing variety beginning with the up-coming release of Gary McMahon’s novel Rain Dogs.

“Goodness me,” you cry loudly, “that’s a familiar name to my ears; from whence cometh this intellectually staggering Amazonian help-meet?”

Trudi Topham has been frittering away her time with travel and art and, as a side-effect, hasn’t led anywhere near as interesting-sounding a life as the other Humdrummingers. She may occasionally let slip that she spent thirteen years in i.t. to fund her travel addiction, but for the most part she fobs off attempts to pin down what exactly she’s been up to since 1974.

We suspect that she has a secret lair in the Swiss Alps.

As someone who’s aspired to being a writer since childhood, Trudi’s aversion tactics have evolved to the point where she now edits two magazines (Pantechnicon and Hub), provides oft-ignored editorial advice on her blog, and pops out a bit of fiction now and again while nobody’s looking.

She is currently working on her first novel.

Visit Troo’s site:




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