Write a Doctor Who novel in six months.

14 06 2008

The lovely Lance Parkin has a challenge for you. Yes, you. Click here for the full details.

Actually, Lance’s The Eyeless blog is going to be extremely helpful for all you people looking to be writers. How do I know this? Because I do. I know these things.

The challenge is deceptively simple. You want to be a professional writer? Come on, then. Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough.

Will I be following Lance’s challenge? No. Because I don’t have the time to write a 55,000 word Doctor Who novel for fun. But I will be following the blog, because I have a novel underway, and if I can hit the finish line by the deadline (Boxing Day) then I’ll be sorted.

So for me this is more of a “pull up your bootstraps, stop fucking around with computer games, and get back to writing” clarion call. But for you? Make it whatever you want it to be. Write that Doctor Who novel, or maybe just write something of your own.

Go on. Do it.




3 responses

14 06 2008

Know what?



You’re on.

You AND Mr Parkin.



(That’s on phonetically).

That’s doable. I can do that.

I’m…going to go do it now…

15 06 2008
Trudi Topham

Go on then! I dare you! 😀

20 12 2008

Oh my giddy aunt… I don’t have time to write a 55000 word Doctor Who novel what with running a DW website – but I reckon I can make an extra hour every day with less eating and drinking. I write around 1500 words an hour, so that should give me a first draft after a month and a bit.

Sounds doable…


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