The post-Alt.Fiction breakdown, part three.

29 04 2008

My second session of the day was the Publishing Panel featuring John Jarrold (John Jarrold Literary Agency), Sarah Hodgson (Voyager), George Mann (Solaris) and John Berlyne (Chair).

This was an extremely useful panel for newcomers who were looking for information on getting published. There was nothing really new in there other than the chat about Horror making a tentative return to the UK mainstream publishing scene, but I’d accidentally shared the train journey to Derby with Adam Neville of Virgin and Guy Adams of Humdrumming, so kind of knew this one already (plus, of course, coverage on UKSFBooknews).

There was discussion on what it takes to get published, just how important an agent is, what publishers do and don’t care about, and some very good advice for authors seeking publication.

I was quite disappointed by the poor turnout for this one. Considering how many Alt.Fiction attendees are authors looking to get published, the room was barely a quarter full. As a consequence I worry that people missed out on the opportunity to get this valuable insight.




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