Nose to the grindstone.

23 03 2008

What with illness and working, I’ve been quite quiet of late. And as I’m heading off to Japan in May, with Pantechnicon 7 due on the 1st of June, you can imagine just how hectic life has been and will continue to be for the next few weeks.

I spent my last day of freedom yesterday poncing around London with some lovely chaps from the SciFiNow Forum. We met up at Waterloo, then nose-dived down to Putney for the launch of Russ Whitfield’s new novel, Gladiatrix.

Then it was off to Forbidden Planet, before spending the evening drifting aimlessly from one pub to the next in search of food and a lunatic-free atmosphere, finally landing at the Horniman at Hays, just off Tooley Street.

A fabulous day was had by all. That’s the last anyone’ll see of me for three months, I think…




2 responses

24 03 2008
Gloria Weber

I just have to say… I completely envy you for being able to go to Japan! That is my greatest dream (well second to making Matsumoto Jun quit Arashi & having him as my second husband… don’t tell my current husband that second bit 😉 ).

24 03 2008
Trudi Topham

I promise not to say a word 😀

To be honest, Japan’s not tricky to go to. Language is nowhere near the kind of barrier that I’d initially envisaged (Romaji is used a lot for major signage, and six weeks of “Teach Yourself Japanese” will get you a long way).

Admittedly, though, I don’t have little’uns to take along with me.

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