Short story accepted for publication.

12 03 2008

Why am I telling you this? Other than to blow my own trumpet, I’d like to be able to show that my advice on writing publishable stories is actually grounded in reality, and that I’m willing to practice what I preach.

And if I can do it, you can do it.

So, where have I placed my fabulous little horror tale? In a new, yet-to-be-published magazine provisionally entitled The Thinking Man’s Crumpet. In their own words:

Cross genre fiction written by women.

We are currently looking for talented female contibutors, aged 16 and over, to showcase in the first issue of our brand new creation. This half-yearly magazine will feature a variety of writings from females around the globe; fiction in all forms and genres. Also non fiction by way of short articles, reviews and essays.

We do prefer Science Fiction, Horror and Erotica, but will consider other, or mixed, genre work.

Issue One will be available in June 2008. More information on how to get it will be posted closer to the time.




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12 03 2008


13 03 2008

Congrats! What’s your story about?

Interesting (and cool) idea for a magazine – who is it being aimed at? What’s it’s target audience? Is it _for_ women? Is there a large enough female audience out there interested in SF, Horror and Erotica?

How do I submit? (I’m not a woman, however, if they don’t meet me, how will they know?) I will assume the pen name Madelaine Frantiago.

For a laugh, shall we make a bet now on whether I can get a story accepted under that pseudonym? (Assuming they don’t read your blog)

(who is entirely shameless)

13 03 2008
Trudi Topham

I couldn’t possibly reveal what it’s about, Nobby 😉

All right. It’s a heartwarming tale of horror, sex toys, and the apocalypse.

Full details on how to submit work here:

I’ll give you a fiver if you make it 😉

13 03 2008

Congratulations. Looking forward to reading it.

14 03 2008

Wow! Congratulations! Will this be the first time you’re published?

14 03 2008
Trudi Topham

Hi Chayenne,

No, just the first in a loooong time, as I’ve not submitted anything for years.

19 03 2008
James Rundle

Congratulations, Troo 🙂

25 03 2008

nice work, man

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