That deadline. Is it real, or a fake?

29 01 2008

Since unleashing the news of the Pantechnicon Anthology on the world, I’ve had a variety of interesting questions to field. Some of them concern me (you’ll see why), and others just plain boggle the mind.

Let’s look at some examples, and how they relate to you, dear reader.

1: “Is your deadline real?”

This isn’t as daft a question as it might seem. You see, it transpires that there are some “publishers” out there who will advertise that they’re open for story submissions until a certain date, then close submissions before that date arrives. I mean, what the hell? That’s just rude.

Common excuses for this include “We filled our available slots early”, “We got more submissions than we’d anticipated”, and “We got bored of waiting”.

Editors: Your writers are the sole source of content for your publication. Do not treat them like shit!

2: “Your guidelines say X word limit. My story is twice that. Can I submit it?”


I don’t care if you’ve written 2008’s answer to Flowers for Algernon. If your story is that awesome, you’ll be able to sell it, trust me. Persevere. Don’t grasp at any old market and try to twist it to fit your product.

3: “How much money will I get if you select my story?”

I’m sorry. I could pay a flat fee then keep all the profits for myself, but that would be wrong. So I thought I’d go for this weird system called Roy-al-tease or something. It means you get more money if we manage to sell more copies. Amazing!

4: “I’d like to enquire on the status of my submission…”

What? The deadline hasn’t even passed yet! Take a deep breath and step away from the keyboard…

The deadline is March 31st. I’m sure I’ll have more odd questions before this is over…




4 responses

30 01 2008

So, how many submissions you had so far? Just curious.

30 01 2008
Trudi Topham

To date, twenty two. I’m not going to reveal what percentage of those didn’t put “ANTHOLOGY SUBMISSION” in the subject line as per the guidelines.

I have not, and will not, read any of the submissions until the deadline has passed.

30 01 2008

Ouch. You might have a hundred submissions by 31st March. And the anthology will be published in July?

Tight deadlines. You going to be able to read, select, respond, edit, respond, edit again, proof, edit…etc…etc……..all in that time?

Just out of interest, and I know this is a piece of string question, how many stories you thinking of selecting?

30 01 2008
Trudi Topham

I am indeed, or I wouldn’t have selected those dates.

That is definately a piece of string question. It’s completely unanswerable. There may be three good 5,000-word stories, or one good 15,000 word story. Both take the same amount of space.

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