The Daily Photograph.

24 01 2008

As I missed posting yesterday’s photograph (bad me), here are two in one day.

First, another shot of the Berlin Wall.

Berlin Wall

Next, seagulls on ice.





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25 01 2008

Seeing the pic of the Berlin wall reminds me of the last time I was in Las Vegas. They have a piece of the wall in a men’s bathroom there. I remember waiting for the men to clear out so I could bring my wife and another female passerby in to see it. If you can believe it they actually stuck the urinals onto the piece of the wall. Not sure what hidden meanings you can find in that.

25 01 2008
Trudi Topham

How very strange!

25 01 2008

Are these remaining sections of the wall, or taken before it was dismantled? ‘Cause if it was when the wall was still up… [assumes voice of child] you’re really old!

26 01 2008
Trudi Topham

Don’t make me kick yo ass! 😀

26 01 2008
natasha newton

Very good picture of the Berlin wall. I love how the composition really draws your eye into the picture.

26 01 2008

But seriously: I recall clearly the wall coming down! It was only a year or two ago, wasn’t it…? Please…?

27 01 2008
Trudi Topham

It’s all in your head, Ian. WooOOooOooo! 😉

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