The Daily Photograph.

11 01 2008

I’m going to post a photo a day. I don’t promise that they will be high art, but I do promise that I took each and every one, and if you thieve it I’ll break your kneecaps.

Well, perhaps not. But it’s nice to think that they’re theft-worthy, isn’t it?

Today’s is a year or so old, taken in Toronto down by the Waterfront. Shot with a Canon EOS 20D and a Sigma lens, but alas at the time I was crazily shooting JPEG, so I have no information for you about ISO, exposure time, or anything else.

The juxtaposition of a Chinese guardian dog outside a closed Pizzeria caught my eye.

Toronto snap




5 responses

11 01 2008
natasha newton

Interesting photo – it caught my attention as I was randomly having a look at some of the blogs on here. I look forward to seeing more! 🙂

11 01 2008

Thanks 🙂 You’re most kind!

12 01 2008

Neat pic, hope to see more great captures. Fellow Canadian – jimmy
Hey check out my eclectic _ recitvisim blog

12 01 2008

That should have been eclectic_recidivism blog

12 01 2008

Alas I’m not Canadian, I just happened to be there on my travels 🙂

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